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Pedestrian initiatives
in Brussels


walk brings together organisations and individuals who want to make Brussels a pedestrian city. Below you will find a series of initiatives by these actors.


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I love BRU=30

This citizens’ initiative was established in February 2021 to encourage the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region. The slogan “I love BRU=30” is a thank you for the creation of the City 30, launched in early 2021. Get yourself some stickers, saddle badges, fluorescent gilets and t-shirts, to show your support for City 30.


The "Agir pour l'accessibilité" platform

Would you like to be able to report a problem with accessibility on public transport, in buildings that are open to the public or on Brussels' roads? The CAWaB (Collectif Accessibilité Wallonie Bruxelles - the Collective for Accessibility in Wallonia and Brussels) has set up the "Agir pour l'accessibilité" (Acting for accessibility) platform, which lets you do just that. This platform is also a great tool for raising awareness among transport operators, administrations, professionals, infrastructure managers, etc. about the problems encountered and the real needs of citizens.


Wiels - a neighbourhood that supports urban walking  

Driven by its inhabitants, QuartierWielsWijk aims to encourage everyone to walk in their city. How can this be done? By setting up activities and facilities that foster social links between local users and those from neighbouring areas: bio-diverse planting, sound walks, the creation of playgrounds and meeting places, the reporting of issues or problems to the commune, and the installation of pedestrian signs. Their goals are to improve walking conditions and soft mobility in general, develop local commerce and sustainable activities, showcase heritage and architecture, and strengthen the identity of the neighbourhood. Getting around on foot requires a pleasant, clean, safe, friendly and lively environment. 


Brussels hates pedestrians

Active on Twitter and Instagram, these accounts expose unpleasant everyday experiences for pedestrians. Here you can find ways to improve things and what not to do!


Shadow minister of pedestrians

Un compte Twitter revendique la pleine prise en compte des piétons dans les politiques bruxelloises. Shadow Minister For Pedestrians questionne l’aménagement actuel ainsi que les attitudes et habitudes en ville. Il interpelle sur les responsabilités de chacun dans l’espace public et prône le principe STOP (à savoir, une mobilité optimale où les modes de déplacement suive la logique de priorité suivante : marche – vélo – transport en commun – voiture individuelle).

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