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walk advocates a city where pedestrians are visible and active, both in the streets and public spaces, and in the social and political debate. We aim to guarantee priority for pedestrians and walking at all levels and are calling for a Brussels-Capital Region on a human scale, where getting around on foot is the norm.

The walk platform brings Brussels actors together around walking, both for leisure and day-to-day life.

Want to join us? Discover why we are working together and why you should join us and the signatories of the manifest.


join us


lets work to 


Guarantee the right to walk and enjoy it.


Make walking easy, safe and fun for all.


Ensure pedestrians and walkers occupy an optimal and coherent place in the public space.


Encouraging walking and promoting its benefits.


Showcasing and supporting pedestrian-friendly and walking initiatives.


Building on existing efforts and creating a network of knowledge and expertise, tools and services relating to walking and pedestrian policy.


Increase how often Brussels' residents walk, making it a convivial, sustainable and community-based city.

Become a membre

Are you an organisation, association, collective or neighbourhood committee involved in walking and pedestrian policy? Join walk to:

Get access to a platform for questions, concerns and initiatives related to walking and pedestrians.

Be part of a dynamic network, strengthen the voices of pedestrians and meet organisations, experts and advocates of walking and pedestrians in Brussels.

Promote your activities to a target audience that is committed and sensitive to walking and pedestrian-related issues.

Contribute to a consultation space to mobilise, collaborate and create partnerships

Gain a voice and representation for the rights and interests of pedestrians and walkers.

Secure a line of communication with the regional authorities in charge of pedestrian policy.

Participate in exchanges and discussions with a view to developing pedestrian policy and instilling a walking culture.

Contribute to Brussels Slow Ways Weekend, the Brussels' version of the national campaign Dag van de Trage Weg and Semaine des Sentiers.

Embrace the manifesto, be a part of the pedestrian movement and contribute to building and designing a human-sized city where walking is the norm.

Participate in General Assembly meetings and have the opportunity to influence the choices of the association.

being member
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